How to interact with Alexa: how to play your playlists on Amazon?

Amazon Music is a streaming music service. If you want to easily listen to music using Echo smart speakers, it will be somewhat uncomfortable if you do not have an Amazon Prime or Unlimited subscription. Subscription allows you to get more options and access to some additional functions.

There are many good standard playlists and radio stations on this platform. Once you start using them, you will want to become one of the users of this service. This is a good ecosystem, compatible with all gadgets on various operating systems.

Echo allows you to play songs stored in «My Music» and «My Playlists» on Amazon Music.

So far, Alexa’s intelligent search application is not yet perfect. For example, he is far from Siri. Therefore, his speed of understanding the problem is several times lower.

Amazon Music

In order to call the playlist on the service, it will be necessary to clearly and clearly say its name. This must be a common noun that does not intersect with existing playlists and song names.

If artificial intelligence cannot cope with the task, change the name of the playlist in the Amazon Music application. Again, now you can’t edit in Alexa.

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Start the Amazon Music app, press and hold «Playlist», then «Change playlist», edit the field with the name at the top of the screen and click «Finish».

By the way, editing may not appear in Alexa. In this case, you can force the closure of the Alexa application on your smartphone and restart it.

The Alexa application is considered effective, but, frankly, clearly needs to be finalized. The recognition speed is fatally low. But today it is massively used. With the application, you can access all tens of millions of music tracks on Amazon Music. Alexa app can be safely recommended as an assistant. But you need to get used to it and be able to effectively interact.

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