How To Listen To Music With Friends On Spotify

With the group session feature, Premium users can listen to music with friends on Spotify. With a group session, you and other users can listen to music on the platform at the same time. It needs to be created on a mobile phone or tablet, but you can access it from your computer.

Group session allows guests to listen to group music in real time and everyone can control what is playing. The group session will be very convenient for friends, lovers, relatives and just friends who do not have the opportunity to enjoy streaming music from the Swedish music service together.

The feature can only be used by those who have a Premium plan of the service – free users do not have access. You must create a session using a mobile phone or tablet, but once started, other people can access it from their computer. Do the following from your device:

1. Open the Spotify app and click the play button of the desired song;

2. Tap the icon in the bottom left corner below the random play button ;

3. Select “Start Session”;

4. Click “Invite Friends” – you can invite up to five people and they also need to subscribe to Premium;

5. Forward the invitation via message, whatsapp, social networks or any other of the listed apps. You can also copy the link and share it manually. Another option is to show your friends the Spotify code so they can scan it and join the session.

After that, listeners will have two options:

1. Listen on the device of the person who created the session;

2. Listen on the device itself (when this happens, they control playback).

You and your friends can create a playlist so you don’t have to constantly select a new song, the playlist will follow by itself.

When you’re done, just click “Exit” or “Exit” if you’ve created one.

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Spotify has launched a feature that makes it easy to share playlists with the top five on social networks. The streaming platform named the feature “My Favorites in Life” and highlighted the access banner in the Spotify app for Android and iOS (iPhone). In the app, just go to the “Home” section and select “Favorites for a lifetime”.

While there are reports of access difficulties, Spotify explains that the tool is available to all (paid) users worldwide.

Like other music streaming platforms, Spotify also offers collaborative playlists. With this feature, friends and family can add their favorite songs and bands to the same place, creating a space with different musical styles. But if you regret adding someone to a playlist, you can quickly remove them.

Removing someone from a shared Spotify playlist is as easy as creating your own playlist. This solution may be required in two cases: if you regret inviting a friend or family member, or if an unknown user “hacked” the playlist to insert songs, since they are public by default. That is, anyone can enter and add songs. As a result, this creates problems for those who want to keep the space exclusively for invitees.

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