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How To Listen To Spotify Audiobooks

In a move that’s set to revolutionize the way audiophiles consume their favorite stories, Spotify has introduced a new feature that allows Premium account holders to dive into the world of audiobooks. For those who’ve ever pondered how to seamlessly integrate audiobooks into their Spotify experience, the answer is right at your fingertips.

For Premium Spotify account

For Premium Spotify account holders, a generous monthly allowance of 15 free hours of audiobook listening awaits. And fear not, for those voracious listeners who surpass this limit, the solution is simple – an additional 10 hours can be purchased or, if you’ve found a gem you can’t live without, you have the option to buy the audiobook outright.


The vast array of audiobooks on Spotify is made easy by a distinctive ‘included in premium’ tag, indicating whether a book is part of your free listening library. The freedom to choose from a collection of the finest audiobooks further enhances the Premium Spotify experience, bringing literature enthusiasts and audiophiles closer to their favorite stories.

However, a slight twist awaits those looking to make a quick purchase. Audiobooks can now only be acquired through the Spotify website, a strategic move by the platform to circumvent commissions charged by Apple or Google. While this might present a minor inconvenience to those accustomed to in-app purchases, the process is streamlined and user-friendly on mobile devices.

To access this trove of literary delights, head to the Spotify webpage, hit the search button, and amidst the familiar tiles like Podcasts and Made For You, you’ll now find a dedicated Audiobooks section. Tapping on this will unveil a meticulously curated list of recommendations, spanning bestsellers, diverse genres, and a selection of fantastic first audiobooks for those stepping into the realm for the first time.

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The Spotify Web Player

Unlocking a title on the Spotify Web Player opens the door to a seamless listening experience on the mobile app. Any audiobook you’ve added to your library can be easily accessed, providing a unified experience across both the app and web player. This integration ensures that your favorite audiobooks are just a tap away, regardless of your preferred device.

To sum it up, Spotify has not only enriched its platform with audiobooks but has also made it effortlessly accessible to its Premium users. With a vast selection of titles, a clear distinction of free listening options, and the convenience of in-app playback after unlocking on the web player, Spotify has indeed elevated the audiobook experience for its users.


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