How To Listen To Spotify With Alexa?

Today, listening to and finding your favorite music has become much easier than just a few years ago. This improvement has been greatly facilitated by music streaming services, which have seen rapid growth in recent years.

If you want to play music by simply saying “Alexa, play music” to a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo, then there are a few right steps you need to take.

Alexa works with all Amazon Echo series and smart speakers with Alexa. Amazon Echo is sold on a variety of devices, but you can get music on the Spotify music streaming service on all Amazon Echo series. Other brands can also use Spotify on smart speakers with Amazon Alexa. Both have a free plan and a paid plan, so find a product you like and give it a try.

First, in order to play Spotify with Amazon Alexa, you will need a valid Spotify account and the Amazon Alexa app. The application can also be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play, so be sure to register in advance before launching the link.

After completing the membership registration and downloading the app, link Spotify with the Amazon Alexa app. Below are the detailed steps.

  1. First, open the Amazon Alexa app and click the “More” button оn the bottom in right corner.
  2. Then click “Settings”.
  3. In the list that appears, select “ALEXA Settings” “Music and Podcasts”.
  4. Select Spotify in Services. At this time, if Spotify is not listed, you need to activate the Spotify service and set it up so that it can be linked with Amazon Alexa.
  5. Click Link New Service, select Spotify, and then click Activate and Use.
  6. After selecting Spotify, click “Settings”.
  7. Then click “Link Account”. You will be redirected to the login screen and prompted to log in. Enter your Spotify login details and proceed to the next step.
  8. After successfully logging in, a confirmation screen will be displayed, so click Agree at the bottom of the screen.

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This completes the Amazon Alexa and Spotify connection. The account linking is displayed as “Linked”, confirming that the account linking was completed successfully. With this, you can play the music registered in Spotify by simply saying “Alexa, play song on Spotify” to the smart speaker that is connected.

How to Set Default Amazon Alexa Music on Spotify? Once you’ve set the default music to Spotify, you can simply say “Alexa, play songs on Spotify” while specifying the song you want, of course. The selected song will play automatically.

If you only use Spotify as your music playback app, or if Spotify is your main app, we recommend that you set the default Amazon Alexa music to Spotify. To set the default Amazon Alexa music on Spotify, you must change the default service on music podcasts.

You can play your favorite songs using playlists originally registered with Spotify, but please note that you can’t add songs to your favorites from Amazon Alexa at this time.

Even if you are a member of Spotify’s free plan, you can link your Amazon Alexa account and play music, but you cannot specify a specific song.

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