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How to make a cool playlist

Every one of us is a bit of a musician at heart – it’s almost an undeniable fact. In our usual life, we make playlists for ourselves and our friends, subscribe to different song groups, Shazam tracks, and scan selections on various streaming services.

How to make a cool playlist

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However, at some point, you realize that you want to create your own playlist. Finally, you want to make it better than anyone else, you want to show your collection to millions of people. How could you do that? How to make a cool playlist? That’s what the discussion is about now.

  • Playlist themes

The starting point, of course, is determining the theme of your playlist. Maybe, you want to make a romantic selection, maybe, you could create albums for parties, for sports, for the soul. The main thing is always to keep the style in mind and choose songs based on that. So, keep the chosen style. Don’t make a tasteless mix of different compositions. Vintage + soul + rock –is a terrible collection.

  • Find your audience

It’s important to think about those persons for whom you are creating a playlist. Try to determine the age of listeners and how they might come across your playlist when they surf the Internet. Moreover, it is also important to analyze playlists of similar themes from other music fans. It is worth doing it to determine what would make your playlist attractive to other persons.

  • Design

One of the main things that will make your collection unique is the interesting design. This is where you’re free to do some creative work. It is possible to come up with catchy, striking cover art for the playlist that fits the theme. Then, choose an appropriate title. It could even be some kind of poetic phase.

  • Selecting songs

Another important aspect is to pay attention to what you should include in your playlist. Add not just your favorite songs, but compositions that your audience prefers as well.

Also, remember that from the very first song on your music list, you should set the mood for the listener. Choose quality tracks, but don’t fall into banal concepts.

  • Playlist promotion

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and many others are the best options for promotion. The audience as well as its age on these applications is very diverse. It will be good if you attract listeners from there. However, don’t forget about streaming services. Make your playlist available everywhere. Smartlinks and special services could help you to do this. And, of course, don’t forget to update your music list regularly. This will keep your playlist always relevant.

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