How To Make An Apple Music Retrospective

With the end of the year, it has become a tradition to look forward to retrospectives from streaming platforms – a selection of songs, albums and artists that you have discovered or listened to the most in a year. While the movement started with Spotify Wrapped, other services have followed suit.

Unlike Spotify, Apple Music retrospective is done through a browser, either from the desktop or from the smartphone itself (iPhone or Android). It is impossible to view statistics through the application, only through the browser page.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Visit the Apple Music Retrospective page. Click on the “Play Your Replay Mix” option. You will need to sign in with your Apple ID. If you are using an iPhone and the browser directly opens the Apple Music app, please close the app and try again, or try again from your computer.

2. After logging in and waiting for the page to calculate the statistics, you will be prompted to add the retrospective playlist of the year to the library. Keep scrolling to find the top songs, artists and albums of the year.

Apple Music retrospective is much easier than Spotify. For example, for 2021 you can see: the number of hours played, the most played tracks (with the number of plays of each), the number of different artists heard. As well as the rating of the most listened to artists (indicating the number of hours for each) and the number of albums listened to in a year, the rating of the ten most listened to albums (with the number of plays of each).

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Can I share my retrospective on Instagram, for example? Unfortunately, Apple Music doesn’t offer a well thought out outlet for posting memories to Instagram the way Spotify does. An alternative option is to take a screenshot and share it on social networks.

The inability to share the results of the retrospective on social networks has become one of the serious shortcomings of the American music streaming service. Today you can see just a boom in the development of social networks and they begin to interact closely with music streaming services.

With the introduction of social networking features, some music streaming sites have seen a dramatic rise in popularity and an exponential increase in the number of users. An example is the German streaming service SoundCloud.

Unfortunately, there is no such possibility for Apple Music yet. But it is likely that it may appear in the user menu in the near future.

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