How To Make Money From Your Music

If you enjoy making music, you can earn a good income. Whether it’s your full-time job or just a business that allows you to make extra money, selling your music is a creative way to make extra money by devoting yourself to your big passion.

What to do if the profit does not come? Selling your music does not give any guarantees of monetization. Indeed, for many musicians, the attraction of a good musical career is not worth it.

Making money from music is not easy, but not impossible. By creating diversified and automated streaming income systems, musicians today can reduce the risk of getting stuck by taking advantage of the music career opportunities of their dreams instead.

In these first steps on the road to success, it is important to have multiple streaming income streaming channels. But without the support of a label, one streaming channel is unlikely to bring in enough income. However, with enough automated distribution channels working in synergy, efforts can be minimized and the focus can be on producing music rather than trying to sell it.

Earn royalties from streaming through digital distribution. Here it is important to understand the difference between a streaming service and a distribution network:

• a streaming service is a platform that the public uses to enjoy music; the most popular are Spotify and Apple Music;

• The digital distribution network distributes and collects the rights to the above services.

If it’s important to have your music on the most famous and popular streaming platforms, know that there are plenty of others like Amazon Music or YouTube Music.

How to find and choose the right distribution platform for you? Most distribution platforms are capable of handling the most important streaming media, so you don’t need to worry; however, there are significant differences in how distribution services work and what they offer, including prices and payment methods, and these aspects cannot be ignored when choosing:

• Pros: The streaming service has the widest distribution in digital stores and is reliable and efficient because it helps and supports artists through label partnerships.

• Cons: To get the best performance from the platform (eg sync with the entertainment industry) it is imperative to rely on the record company or intermediary.

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Of course, playing live is one of the most profitable ways for musicians who want to monetize. While the world of the Internet has made live streaming possible, it must be admitted that there is nothing more effective than allowing the public to see their own concert live. But the situation of recent years and the restrictions associated with the pandemic have minimized the possibility of live performances by artists in front of the public.

Many musicians manage to generate additional income through side activities and collaborations with music streaming platforms, which are very numerous on the market today. There are different ways to do this, depending on the music genre you belong to and your level of experience.

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