How To Make Money On Spotify?

Nowadays, when music streaming services have become the main sources of music broadcasting, not only music artists, but even ordinary users are often interested in how to make money on Spotify.

And this interest is quite justified, because it is this Swedish music streaming service that is the leader of the global music market.

Therefore, with the proper approach, it will be possible to monetize your activities, receiving a good monthly income. But it is worth noting that making money on Spotify is also available to ordinary users who have nothing to do with music at all.

So how do you make money on Spotify? For example, if you are a music artist, you can upload your tracks there, getting paid for the number of plays. And if you are an ordinary user who wants to earn some extra money, then we suggest that you perform simple tasks related to playlists.

  • Adding your own music. Is it possible for a non-musician to make money on Spotify? And the answer to this question will be positive, because the service is ready to pay the performer a certain amount for each listening. If you look closely at the statistics, it becomes clear that it is pointless to count on a huge income. In short, all income is made up of the average cost of a paid subscription, as well as from advertising displayed in the free version of the service.
  • Partnership programs. And now let’s find out how to make money from Spotify playlists. Affiliate programs are of great interest. For example, the description states that users first need to promote their own profile and get the status of a curator, and only then proceed to complete tasks. And the bottom line is that from time to time you will be sent tracks about which you need to leave a review.
  • Development of services. The development of special services that allow you to integrate music from other popular platforms into Spotify will also help you get money. Users really lacked such functionality, because no one wants to part with their favorite music. And now such a program brings the creators about $1,000 in net profit per month. This amount consists of earnings on advertising, as well as on the sale of the PRO version. But to successfully implement this idea, you need to understand something in development, or at least find a team of experienced specialists.

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Thus, we found out who earned how much Spotify and how you can monetize the music service. As it turned out, there are plenty of options, but what to choose is up to you.

It should be understood that Spotify pays royalties unevenly. Their size depends on many factors. For example, based on the results of the quarter and consideration of financial results, the founders of the company decide on the percentage of payments to authors from the total profit of the streaming service. In addition, the amount of royalties is affected by the region and country where the song was played, who listened to it – free users or paid subscribers, and so on.

Let’s say right away that Spotify is considered a great place to build a musical career and maximize the distribution and popularization of music content. BUT in terms of artist earnings, it is clearly inferior to many competitors in the music industry who have adopted other business models.

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