How To Make Money With Music

There are many buyers for good music. Starting with the media who always need the right music for ads or agencies looking for background music for websites. This also includes musical compositions for queues and telephone announcements. Writing promotional jingles, samples or synth patches is easy and makes good money.

You should be thinking about, for example, game studios and game developers who need music and sound effects for their next game. Video production companies that are always in need of backgrounds and beats for image films are also a good place to work. This also includes developing music software or interesting plugins for existing devices.

Ringtones today may not be as popular as they used to be, but if you have an idea for a really good ringtone, you can make a lot of money from it.

Make Money With Music

Thinking a little further, one could just as well develop an app that either quenches fans’ thirst and stirs up a thirst for news, or an app that can function as a soundbar.

That’s when you can offer them something exclusive that not everyone can get. Why not offer your most dedicated fans paid access to a web archive of your music with a complete collection from band songs to ideas, drafts and live recordings.

On sites like,, or you can upload your beats and rap artists can use them for a fee. So you can also earn money as a producer. If artists pay correspondingly more, an exclusive license can also be purchased. This is a good way to bring artists and producers together.

You can upload your beats to your own YouTube channel and link them to your beatstars profile from there. For each hit, you make your own video with a freeze frame and your contact information. Then, in the description, you provide a link to your profile or enter an email address where you can be contacted.

If you are really passionate about the music game and want to use your large record collection and your business skills, you can also open your own music store.

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You can ask fellow artists to remix their songs. Other artists will have new material to sell to their fans and you will get a share of the sales or a fixed amount. Of course, the same thing happens the other way around, and you can ask other artists to remix your own songs. You give others 50% of the sales and you already have something to sell to your fans.

Most instrumentalists can and do give beginner music lessons. For example, a modified version of this could be to provide learning materials for schools to teach music. You can also start your own tutorial website or YouTube channel where you can earn money from ads.

On almost all of the listed sites you have the opportunity to offer all types of services. Of course, this can also apply to your musical talent. You can set the price and service yourself, and if you satisfy the taste of the client, you can make big money.

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