How To Make More Money With Music?

Earnings on music streaming has become almost the only source of income for many artists who have decided to build their musical career and earn money in this way. Earnings on streaming music have become especially relevant in recent years during the period of restrictions associated with the pandemic. But how can you increase your income from streaming music?

There is no magic and no simple formula. It depends on the artist’s creativity, intellect, in addition to his foresight, to think about how to approach the recording market, knowing its many internal realities, in order to diversify its offer in other areas (such as merchandising and the sale of record company media in physical format ) to be able to earn income from as many platforms and opportunities as possible.

So wake up your marketing genius and don’t just list your tracks on the Swedish streaming service Spotify because the real money is somewhere else. You can not concentrate your efforts on only one platform.

To see the numbers and possible earnings, it seems almost impossible to get compensation that allows us to actually earn money from streaming. In fact, once a million streams are reached, the numbers start to matter, reaching this milestone is incredibly difficult and almost impossible for an aspiring musician without a strong structure behind them.

On the other hand, with playlists, you can expand your reach and reach many potential listeners, while not forgetting how much streaming has now become necessary to be present on the global music scene.

We see that incomes are not very high. The next legitimate question is: how can I make a living with music?

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The numbers only become relevant when one million song streams have been reached, a figure taken as a starting point to start considering music as the sole economic source of the recorder’s livelihood.

We can actually see that if you reach (and exceed) one million streams, then the artist will get:

1. $4,370 from Spotify Premium

2. $1000 from YouTube

3. $7,350 from Apple Music

4. $4,020 from Amazon Music

5. $4,000 from Deezer

6. $12,500 from Tidal.

If you want to imagine these numbers apply across all platforms, the total revenue would be $33,240 for each individual song.

Of course, two factors must be taken into account: firstly, not everyone can reach such a number of listeners, and secondly, the earnings are then divided among all professionals in the field of music, as well as taking into account taxes and other expenses.

Therefore, the income will be even much lower than expected. But you can increase the level of earnings with the help of a properly constructed marketing policy. Do not forget about the importance of social networks and promotion in them. Today this is one of the most effective ways to make your track viral and earn a lot of money.

You should also make a beautiful presentation for your track and make a good description and picture. Appearance of the dog. A playlist or album will definitely attract the close attention of potential listeners.

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