How To Make The Right Wedding Playlist

They say marriages are made in heaven. The lovers are somewhere in the clouds, and nearby the angels play the harps. But on earth we have to choose music ourselves.

Music affects the emotional sphere directly, bypassing the mind. This effect is as strong as love or drugs: it was not for nothing that they stood side by side in the Sex-Drugs-Rock’n’Roll triad. Therefore, in music it is better to observe hygiene: do not stick anything in your ears and do not impose your preferences on others.

Musical accompaniment should support the style of the wedding, this is a tool that must be taken into account and prepared in advance. It’s good when the organizers, the presenter, the DJ and the couple themselves make up the playlist together.

In order to broadcast your favorite music not only to your own headphones, but also through amplifiers, you will have to double-check your usual playlist: to match the tastes of the guests and the status of the event.

Music at a wedding should be light during the drinking part of the evening, and at a disco – so bright that you immediately want to jump out of your seat and start rocking.

Some musical directions, performers or specific songs can be added to the “black list” by the newlyweds in advance. But how to relate to songs of your own composition or singing to backing tracks – you will have to decide according to the circumstances. Sometimes amateur performances can spoil the holiday, but in some cases, such numbers become the decoration of the whole celebration. Songs of your own composition are always very cool, if done with high quality. Such musical gifts make the evening more individual and unique.

There is a lot of good music in the world. But how many songs to choose? A good rule of thumb is 15 songs an hour. A typical wedding reception includes about three hours of dancing after dinner, and all the formalities are over. Only 45 songs, you need to choose only the best. So we take everything into account.

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Keep in mind that too many slow songs can ruin the mood of a wedding reception. A good rule of thumb is to have one slow song for every five fast songs. Guests usually need a break from dancing after about 20-30 minutes, which equates to about five fast songs.

If you have already begun to think about the musical component of the evening, then most likely you are faced with the main problem. Hundreds of great songs are spinning in your head, but how do you choose a few dozen from them that will sound on your big day? Or maybe, on the contrary, you cannot remember a single worthy composition? In order not to spend all your energy on compiling a playlist alone (you will still need them), act in an organized and consistent manner.

To begin with, divide the solemn day into several stages, each of which will require its own accompaniment. This will make it easier for you to list songs.

Estimate how long the music should sound at one time or another. The length of a pop song is on average 3-5 minutes, while classical pieces can be much longer. Understanding the total duration of a musical set, you can easily calculate how many songs you need.

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