How to merge 2 Spotify accounts?

Sometimes a situation can arise when a user creates a new account on Spotify, and his entire media library, which was created for a very long time, remains on the old account. Therefore, he has a question about how to transfer his playlists to a new account and how to combine two accounts on this service.

Tracks and playlists can be easily transferred from your account to your account, regardless of whether users are Premium or Free subscribers.

How to merge 2 Spotify accounts

So, if you change your account to Spotify, you’ll lose all your saved playlists and albums. However, there is a way to transfer them from one Spotify account to another. From old account to new account. It’s very simple and time-consuming.

If you used Spotify before, all your playlists were on the previous account. Playlists are not assigned to Spotify, they are created exclusively for the user account.

To transfer your playlists and favorite songs, you will be able to effectively use MusConv. This is a website where you can back up all playlists in a single file and then restore it to any account in seconds.

After logging in, log in to your account from which we want to copy playlists. If we copy playlists from the old account to the new account, we’ll sign in to the old account on the page.

Once you log in, you’ll be asked if you want to grant SpotMyBackup permissions to connect to our account and save your playlists. select «Confirm».

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Now we need to wait while the site scans our Spotify account and collects information about all playlists and albums. We can track the number of playlists that the program has currently found, and how many songs there are in them. When all playlists are found, simply click the «Export» button that appears below the summary.

To import it now, go to the SpotMyBackup page again, but this time sign in to your new account to which you want to transfer playlists. After logging in, select Import and specify the file from disk. Playlists will be imported and saved to your new account – when you sign in to your new Spotify account, you can find your songs there.

SpotMyBackup is not only a good tool for transferring playlists between accounts, but also for backup. At any time, you can go to the site and upload the current playlist status to disk. If the user ever loses them or accidentally deletes them, they can be recovered without problems using the import function.

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