How To Monetize Your Music On Amazon Music?

Amazon Music is one of the popular platforms for selling and sharing digital music. In the modern world of a developed music industry, such use of streaming platforms is very popular among both users and artists.

 Amazon Music offers musicians the opportunity to post their music on its platform and earn from it. And although the actual income on Amazon Music depends on many factors, the easiest way to make money here is to put your music on the platform and get paid for each copy sold. As a rule, artists receive 60 to 70% of the sale of each copy of their music.

If a musician wants to have a passive income from their music, they can use our tips for placing and monetizing music on Amazon Music.


So where do you start.

  • First of all, you need to register an Amazon Music account. It’s free and easy to do. Just go to the Amazon Music website and click the “Sign Up” button.
  • If an Amazon Music account has already been created, the musician must enroll in the Amazon Music for Artists program. This is a service that allows artists to upload their music to Amazon Music and monetize their tracks. To register, visit the Amazon Music for Artists website and click the “Register” button.
  • Then you need to upload your music to Amazon Music. It’s easy to do so through the Amazon Music for Artists website or through a third party distributor such as CD Baby or TuneCore. If you are using a third party distributor, be sure to follow their instructions for uploading music to Amazon Music.
  • Please note that once music is uploaded, it may take some time before it is reviewed and posted to Amazon Music. Once your music goes live, royalties will begin to accrue every time one of your tracks is played or purchased.

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Note that an artist can track their Amazon Music earnings and performance through the Amazon Music for Artists website. This allows you to see how good his music is and make the necessary adjustments or pay more attention to marketing and promotion.

In addition to earning streaming and sales royalties, the musician also has the option to monetize their music on Amazon Music through the Amazon Partner Program. This program allows you to earn commission on any products purchased through links on your website or social media. Simply sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program and link your Amazon Music music to your website or social media posts.

To make your creations not only fun but also money-making, be sure to promote your music on Amazon Music through your website, social media accounts, and email list. The more people who know about your music, the more likely they are to stream and buy it on Amazon Music.

We hope that our advice will help artists turn talent into money, although we understand that for a real musician, the highest value is recognition and joy from his music.

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