How to Optimize Your Music Streaming Costs?

The music streaming market is growing rapidly. In the previous year alone, it showed more than 40% growth. Every day there are more and more users and paid subscribers. A paid subscription to any music streaming service offers no ads and many other benefits. But the cost of a subscription to some services is quite high, so many new users are thinking about how to save on paid subscriptions and optimize their music streaming costs. The convenience of streaming music is obvious – but what is it if it doesn’t sound great?

If a user decides to upgrade from a free version to a paid version, or decides to immediately subscribe to a premium subscription, then he can save his money with a few tips.

Optimize Your Music Streaming Costs

First, keep an eye on the promotions of the music streaming service you want to subscribe to. It is likely that new subscribers will have an extended free period of three or even six months to use the trial version. If the promotion is valid in a certain country and it makes sense to participate in it, then you can register your account in that particular country using the VPN service. It is desirable that it be off-browser. As a rule, promotions are provided only for new subscribers, so if you are already using a paid subscription, you can register a new account and thus save money.

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Secondly, you can choose the optimal tariff plan. Typically, the services offer a family plan or a student plan. Even if the user does not have a family, he can negotiate with his friends or work colleagues and subscribe to a family plan. As for the students, they will need to confirm their student status with the help of documents. Confirmation can be a student ID or, for example, a contract with an educational institution. Of course, only full-time students will be able to get a subscription at a low cost. The student subscription is valid for a maximum of four years and renews annually.

There is also a third option for free use of music streaming services. It is, of course, not legal, so you should not use it, but it is still desirable to know about it. You can use a jailbroken version of the music streaming app. It will be free, but it does not guarantee that sooner or later the service will not detect such a pirate account and block it.

You can subscribe to streaming and, after the free version expires, simply unsubscribe and return the money spent. And then re-subscribe and continue using the free trial version of the application. This method can be used many times. By the way, it cannot be called illegal in the literal sense of the word.

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