How To Pitch Your New Music To Amazon Music’s Playlists

In a dynamic move that empowers artists and resonates with music enthusiasts, Amazon Music for Artists has unveiled its groundbreaking New Release Pitch Tool. This innovative feature ushers artists into the spotlight by allowing them to directly pitch their music to Amazon’s adept playlist curators, opening doors to prime placement alongside their musical idols. With this strategic advancement, artists can now bask in the limelight and share their creations with a vast audience on Amazon Music.

Benefits of Pitching Your Song to Amazon Music:

This paradigm-shifting feature does more than simply secure coveted spots on Amazon’s carefully crafted playlists. While the grandeur of reaching thousands of new listeners is undeniable, the multifaceted benefits of this tool radiate far beyond playlist inclusion.

Upon successful pitch submission, your existing fan base experiences a wave of engagement, including:

  • Activity Posts: Vibrant posts peppered across users’ feeds on the Amazon Music app.
  • Mobile Notifications: Swift push notifications sent to users’ smartphones, ensuring no note is missed.
  • Alexa Alerts: A harmonious bond with Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa, generating proactive prompts upon user request.

Even if the selection committee opts not to spotlight your track, the data you input and the intricate metadata woven into your composition wield considerable power. These elements guide Amazon’s astute algorithms in strategically presenting your creation to the right audience, at the right moment.

Navigating the Pitching Process:

Diving into the world of playlist prominence demands a measured approach. Begin by verifying your artist profile on Amazon Music for Artists, an essential step for artists aspiring to harness the New Release Pitch Tool’s potential.

Once your profile is established, follow these pragmatic steps to pitch your masterpiece:

  1. Access the App: Launch the Amazon Music for Artists app and click on “New Releases.”
  2. Select Your Song: Handpick the musical gem you intend to pitch.
  3. Present Your Pitch: Engage in the art of persuasion by meticulously filling in requisite details. Explain why your song is a must-listen, specify its genre, and highlight whether it boasts lyrical prowess.
  4. Fine-Tune with Precision: Elevate your pitch by offering optional insights. Share the artists whose sound you echo, pinpoint the epicenter of your fan base, define the mood your creation encapsulates, and articulate its essence.
  5. Review and Submit: Cast a final discerning eye over your submission, ensuring each facet sparkles, then confidently submit your opus.

Criteria for Playlist Consideration:

Not all songs are equal contenders for Amazon Music’s curated playlists. The following criteria set the stage for potential playlist inclusion:

  • Freshest Is Finest: The submitted track must be a new release, untethered from any prior unveiling.
  • One Shot, One Song: If your submission comprises an EP or album, you can submit only one distinguished track from the compilation.
  • Streaming Rights Essential: Distribution to Amazon Music with streaming rights is non-negotiable. Ensure your submission aligns accordingly.
  • Timing Is Key: The pitch must gracefully dance into Amazon’s realm within 14 days of your track’s release.

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Step into the realm of playlist prominence today! Seize this unrivaled opportunity to bask in the brilliance of Amazon Music’s curated playlists. Log into your Amazon Music for Artists account and embark on your journey to musical eminence.

For those ready to unveil their auditory opus, Amazon Music’s New Release Pitch Tool offers a transformative platform for artists to directly pitch their tracks to playlist curators. This avant-garde feature grants artists the chance to shine beside their musical idols, while engaging their existing fan base in novel ways. With meticulously designed notifications and insightful algorithms, this tool transforms the music submission process.

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