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In the world of streaming, there are a few giants that dominate the landscape. Amazon Music, Pandora, Youtube Music and more all offer listeners an excellent experience with a wide variety of songs. But what if you want to transfer your favorite song from one streaming service to another? 

Soundcloud, the most popular streaming service for independent musicians and underground DJs, has begun to face competition from YouTube’s Music Service. Youtube is no stranger to content distribution but they have recently invested heavily into their own platform in order to compete with other media giants like Spotify and Apple Music. With this new investment, they are beginning to take a more serious stance against rival services like Soundcloud and Spotify. Could it be that now it’s the time to switch to another platform that offers much more substantial benefits?

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Enter Musconv! This service is really useful for transferring audio files from any of these services into mp3 format so they can be listened to on any device! 

Transferring your SoundCloud music to Youtube using Musconv is easy, saves you tons of time, and costs less than $2 a year. 

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