How to play my Youtube Music on PC and smartphone?

You Tube Music is a handy music application with a large music library that can be used on both PC and mobile device. It became the actual successor to the popular Google Play Music service, which was closed on December 3, 2020.

The sound quality of the tracks being played in the application largely depends on the speed of the Internet connection. The high speed of the Internet allows you to listen to music with a bitrate of 320 kbit/s. Google’s music service is pretty typical for streaming services.

The entire You Tube Music library is located on the company’s servers, so it doesn’t matter from which device the user connects to it. Any gadget supported by Google gets full access to the music library.

You can listen to music on your smartphone, computer, laptop, tablet, if you just log into your Google account. Even an inexperienced user with minimal skills can figure out access to the application.

How to play my Youtube Music on PC and smartphone

If you have music stored on your PC, but you want to listen to it on your mobile, it doesn’t matter. It is enough to upload your media library to Google cloud storage. And then it will become available on all synced devices.

You Tube Music has a feature to block explicit content, which is used by parents to prevent children from «enriching» their vocabulary with obscene words. You can safely share your favorite album or track with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. To do this, you just need to follow the instructions that you can get from the application support service.

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The platform developers have created a function for offline listening to music, because the user may not always have full access to the worldwide network. To do this, the user simply downloads all his favorite tracks to his gadget. But for this he will need to activate the «Downloads only» mode.

When working on a PC, it is convenient to use a mini-player, the icon of which will appear on the monitor. In the application settings, you can independently adjust the quality of the music content being played.

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