How To Play Spotify On Alexa Without Premium?

In an era dominated by ever-evolving streaming services and voice-controlled smart speakers, users are often faced with the dilemma of how to enjoy the melodious tunes of Spotify on Amazon Alexa devices without paying extra for a premium subscription. This pressing issue resonates with music enthusiasts everywhere, prompting us to delve deeper into the issue and provide a comprehensive guide on how to seamlessly marry these two technological marvels without breaking the bank.

Linking your account and setting default settings

To embark on this harmonious journey, the first and foremost step is to link your Spotify account to your Alexa-enabled device. This can be easily achieved using the Alexa mobile app, where users must go to Settings, then select Music, and then Link a new service.

Once this connection has been successfully established, the next logical step is to set up Spotify as your primary music source. This procedure involves visiting the Settings menu again, this time in the Alexa app, and selecting the Music & Podcasts section. Ultimately, in the Default Services category, setting Spotify as your primary service ensures that Alexa understands and caters to your music choices.

Voice commands

After completing the initial setup, people can use a series of voice instructions to request songs they like. Simply saying “Alexa, start playing [song/artist/album] on Spotify” will result in a smooth music experience through your Alexa device. The process is seamless, allowing users to adjust volume, skip tracks, or pause playback using voice commands, resulting in true hands-free hearing engagement.

Spotify Free and Premium Limitations

It’s important to note that while the ability to play Spotify on Alexa without a premium subscription is an attractive prospect, there are certain limitations. Spotify Free users may experience some ad interruptions and limited skipping during listening sessions.

Play music in multiple rooms

For people looking to expand their listening experience, Spotify can be played simultaneously on multiple Alexa devices in your home. This can be easily achieved by creating a “Speaker Group” in the Alexa app and including your preferred devices in it. This allows users to enjoy synchronized audio across different rooms as they transition, providing an all-encompassing musical presence.

Smart home integration

In the grand scheme of the smart home ecosystem, playing Spotify on Alexa could be an integral component. Voice commands can be used to control music volume, bass or treble, creating an immersive and customizable listening experience to suit individual preferences.

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Spotify Connect

Alternatively, users can use Spotify Connect to easily switch playback between devices, whether from a smartphone to an Alexa device or vice versa. This feature adds another level of flexibility to the Spotify-Alexa partnership.

In conclusion, the synergy between Spotify and Alexa provides a great path to musical bliss without the financial burden of a premium subscription. While there are limitations such as ad interruptions and a certain degree of limited control, the ability to enjoy your favorite tunes at your convenience is a significant win for music lovers.

Convenient voice control

With voice commands, music lovers can now easily play Spotify on their Alexa devices without the need for a premium subscription, ushering in a new era of convenient music control with your voice.

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