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How To Play Spotify On Alexa

In a world where music meets technology, the synergy between Spotify and Amazon Alexa is a game-changer. For many, Spotify is the beating heart of their music collection, and pairing it with the convenience of an Alexa-enabled speaker is a musical match. Let’s explore the steps to seamlessly integrate Spotify with Alexa for an enhanced music experience.

Quick Setup

To forge the alliance between Spotify and Alexa, users need to navigate the user-friendly interface of the Alexa app. Available on Android, iPhone, or iPad, the app opens the gateway to a world where your voice dictates the playlist. The process involves a few taps and prompts, ensuring a hassle-free connection between the two platforms.

Key Questions Answered

Before embarking on this musical journey, users must ensure they possess existing Spotify and Amazon accounts. An Alexa-equipped speaker, like the Echo Studio or Sonos Beam, is the key to unlocking this auditory adventure. Both Free and Premium Spotify accounts are welcome, with Premium subscribers enjoying an ad-free experience and the ability to play any song on demand. Free listeners, on the other hand, can shuffle playlists and indulge in mixes based on their preferences.

Five Crucial Steps:

  1. Open the Alexa app on your chosen device.
  2. Navigate to the More button, nestled in the bottom toolbar.
  3. Dive into the Settings menu for further customization.
  4. Scroll down to Music and Podcasts, selecting your preferred settings.
  5. The magic moment arrives when you tap on Link New Service, allowing you to seamlessly integrate Spotify by following the prompts, including signing into your Spotify account.

To enhance the experience, users can set Spotify as their default service, eliminating the need to specify “on Spotify” with each voice command. Personalizing defaults for on-demand music, artist/genre stations, and podcasts is a cherry on top.

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Playing Spotify on Alexa Devices

Once the connection is established, users can unleash their musical desires with simple voice commands. Whether it’s an artist, album, song, podcast, or playlist, Alexa is at your service. However, users need to be mindful that Alexa, set to English, may stumble over non-English names and titles.

Spatial control adds another layer to the experience. Users can specify rooms, groups of speakers, or command Alexa to play music everywhere in their home, allowing for a tailored auditory journey.

For those times when voice commands aren’t ideal, initiating playback in the Spotify mobile or desktop apps and using Spotify Connect offers a seamless transition. A practical tip – remember that only one stream is allowed per Spotify account.


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