How To Prepare A Track With Rekordbox?

DJ mixes are one of the most important promotional tools available to DJs. Of course, DJs experience sincere joy, but this enthusiasm was transferred to their listeners, the work must have a certain quality.

Rekordbox is a professional DJ platform that integrates everything from cloud music management to creative performance capabilities. It makes it easy to DJ from anywhere in the world. The platform supports all Pioneer DJ equipment, including CDJ/XDJ players and DJ controllers.

When planning any creative project involving a DJ mix, it’s a good idea to set a theme or working title from the start. These themes already provide the main direction in terms of song selection and mixing techniques, so you won’t get lost in the almost endless variety of possibilities in the creation process.

When choosing tracks for a DJ mix, keep in mind that the audience sometimes listens to music more intensively than in a club set where they have fun on the dance floor.

Regardless of the topic, you should ensure that your compilation is varied, meaning it includes hits as well as classics or underground songs in your preferred genre. If the working title (such as “Best of Rap 2021”) doesn’t include certain titles (classic in this case), make sure the order of the titles makes the mix interesting. Whether you’re working with a DVS system, audio CDs, or vinyl records, you should always pay attention to the sound quality of the audio media you’re using. For example, if you’re using vinyl records that play too quietly, or low-res MP3s, even the best EQ can do little in post-processing.

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The most important rule: only do the mixing techniques that you have mastered to the point of being automatic. Sound porridge won’t get you any further, and sometimes less is more.

With Rekordbox, you can prepare a good set of tracks. In a DJ mix, only those DJ techniques that you really own should be performed, and your own handwriting should also be recognizable in the mix. For example, with Rekordbox transitions.

If you make your mix available for download (observe copyright), it must be provided with metadata. This can be done with a DAW, iTunes, or other tools. Add information such as your DJ name, the name of the mix, and your web address, as well as a suitable cover art that presents the mix in a more professional and thus higher quality manner than an anonymous audio file. Packaging is also important in the digital age.

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