How To Promote Music On SoundCloud

Thanks to the SoundCloud platform, you can promote the music you create. This popular music streaming service has become for many artists not only the start of a musical career, but also a completely acceptable source of income, and during the difficult period of the global pandemic, some artists

generally began to consider it the only source of existence.

To follow someone means to observe someone’s activity on a social networking site. So, in the context of SoundCloud, we can watch people with the same musical tastes or artists that you particularly like. After all, this music streaming service has the properties of a social network.

Please be aware, however, that under the terms of the website, you cannot track countless accounts in a very short time. Otherwise, you need to take into account the warning from the administrators. Although these rules seem rather strict at first glance, they make sense. Thanks to this, a large number of spammers and robots can be effectively eliminated from the site.

On SoundCloud, you can have up to 2,000 subscribers under one account. If you follow someone you just removed from your friends list using the Unfollow option, you risk having your account and people tracked blocked. If, after receiving the warning, you do not stop the prohibited practice, your account will be blocked for 2-3 days, then for a week, and so on.

Of course, the best way to attract subscribers is to post the highest quality songs. The SoundCloud portal is not based on file size, but on file duration, which allows you to publish content in WAV format, which allows you to maintain the best quality of the file.

It often happens that when we begin to observe a given person, he repays us with the same gesture. At the same time, by regularly adding new content to your profile, you can be sure that it will appear in the news displayed to people who follow you, which will also help you improve your statistics over time.

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When a user wants to share your song, they will be redirected to your site. If the person who shared the song has many contacts, your chances of promoting your song and introducing it to a wider audience increase.

Groups are also a good way to promote your creativity, but it is worth remembering that in order for this method to bring the desired results, you need to put a lot of time and dedication into it.

Each published work cannot belong to more than 75 groups. Therefore, it is worth choosing groups that meet the criteria that your music meets. To learn about the criteria for each group, just read its description.

After adding a song to a group, you can double click on it to update it and thus place it at the top of the group page. However, as with the number of subscribers, there are some limitations. If they are exceeded, your account may be blocked for a certain period of time.

Select Join to join the group, and you must select Sign Out to unsubscribe. You can belong to any number of groups. The 75 group limit only applies if you add songs.

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