How To Put A Photo On A Spotify Playlist

Music streaming services have become an integral part of our lives. Streaming is a technology that allows us to watch movies, series and music anywhere, it is very popular and accessible and helps fight piracy.

It’s hard to imagine a normal day without streaming music today. And streaming platforms are becoming for hundreds of millions of people around the world just something familiar and very useful. In addition, true music fans consider the music streaming service they use as a kind of calling card. After all, friends and other users see carefully selected playlists, they make up their minds about the creators and find related interests in musical preferences.

Creating and configuring playlists is common in streaming applications, as the user can collect the songs they like the most and listen to them sequentially. But besides just adding tracks, you can also customize your playlist with covers and photos. It will take no more than five minutes to personalize playlists.

The process of adding a personalized photo to a playlist is quick and can be done in a few steps from your mobile phone or computer.

Here’s how to add a photo to your Spotify playlist:

1. Open your library on Spotify. Firstly, when you open Spotify, you must access your library through the icon located at the bottom right corner of your mobile phone;

2. Then find the playlist you want to edit. Spotify offers a shortcut that lets you filter albums, songs, and playlists to make it easier to find one of those categories in your library. Click to filter;

3. When you open the playlist you want to change the cover art for, tap the three dots icon to start setting;

4. Go to settings. The screen will open. Click “Change”;

5. Now you can change the cover. Spotify offers a “Change Image” option for those who want to customize their playlist. Click to switch;

6. With the image selected, click Save to apply the changes.

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You now have a custom photo in your playlist. Also, it’s worth mentioning that Spotify warns you to check that your photo doesn’t infringe any copyright, trademark, or personal image. If this happens, the company may remove the photo from your account.

One of the main advantages of streaming is convenience: through an account (which can be free or paid, depending on the platform), you have access to a collection of movies, series, music, and other content that will be more difficult to access. legally individually, taking into account the cost of each physical medium separately, for example, CDs and DVDs.

For the same reason, it is an anti-piracy tool that plays the role of ease of use and accessibility in the fight against illegal online distribution.

Basically, the user should be careful about data consumption on smartphones and tablets when watching streaming content, especially when using mobile networks.

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