How to put a song on Apple Music?

Apple Music accounts for about 19% of the global music streaming market. The number of users is known that at the beginning of 2020 it exceeded 80 million people, more current information by the company from California has not yet been provided. The average payment rate for one stream from Apple Music is $0.0073.

You can download music to Apple Music. This feature in the popular application from developers from Cupertino appeared relatively recently. But every day it becomes more and more popular, as well as the music streaming service itself.

Нow to put a song on Аpple Мusic

Since Apple Music can only be used on a paid subscription, all users can add music to the application. Other music streaming services provide this opportunity only to paid subscribers, but those who use the free version do not have such an opportunity.

At the very beginning, we open the application on our device. Then you need to go to the section «Playlists». You will need to learn more to use the menu item that provides access to additional options. When you expand the menu, you can start downloading music. To do this, click» Download».

If you plan to download your own music, you will need to fill in a check list with information about the name of the single, its author and co-authors, as well as about the recording studio where it was recorded. If she’s not there, you just have to give her name.

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Apple Music automatically blocks playback of content with an apparent negative rating of audio content. Access the «Allowed Content» menu item and select «Music», then «Podcasts». We select and activate music and podcasts rated Explicit. Now there are practically no restrictions on adding.

Each new track or music album is sent by the service for moderation. This procedure is mandatory, since Apple Music Monitors strict compliance with international copyright law, and also takes care of the purity of its content. That is why it is almost impossible to find audio with indecent text or unlicensed audio on this service. Moderation will take some time. Much depends on the size of the downloaded audio content and the employment of service moderators.

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