How to put a song on YouTube?

If you want to upload music to YouTube, then the first time a few succeed in this task. When you try to do this, you will find a data format mismatch, which will give the impression that it is simply impossible to perform this task. But it’s not. You just need to look for a good solution on the Internet.

Because YouTube is a video sharing site, supported file formats are video files. If you use YouTube Music, a music sharing site managed by YouTube, you can share music files in MP3 format on it, but you cannot share them on the YouTube itself.

If you are satisfied with downloading a song to YouTube Music instead of YouTube, you can download music to this streaming service in music file format. In this case, the problem will already be solved. If you upload to the YouTube, you will need to convert the file format.

To convert music files to YouTube-compatible video files, file conversion applications and web services are typically used. You can also use video creation software to highlight music as video sound.

Нow to put a song on YouTube

First, convert the music file you want to download to MP3 format to prepare for the video file. File format conversion does not require expensive software or special applications. There are many sites that can convert MP3 to MP4 using web services, and you can use them to convert file formats for free.

However, for free services, choosing an unreliable site also increases the risk of infection with the virus. If you are thinking about using a specific site, check with the site operator to see how secure it is, and be sure to install antivirus software before using the software.

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After converting a music file to a MP3 file, convert it to a video file. When creating a video file from the beginning, you can safely use the software that comes with your computer. Software such as «iMovie» for Mac and «Photo» for Windows. Since this software is used by many people, it also has the advantage that information can be easily found immediately, even if you do not know how to use it. It is enough to search the Internet or consult with friends who have already been able to solve such a problem.

Currently, if there is at least one image you want to display when playing music, you can easily create a video file. This is because you can create a video file by combining the MP3 file you want to download and the video you selected.

By uploading your first song or music to YouTube, you will be able to master the download algorithm, which in the future will help you do this easily and simply by taking advantage of the skills gained.

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