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How to put music on the Spotify app

Are you looking for a music producer? Are you still thinking that it’s impossible to become popular without him? We know the easier way which can lead you to the cherished goal.

How to put music on the Spotify app

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Specifics of artist ‘career beginning

Have you ever heard about online producers that make deals with musicians? They help artists become popular via special streaming services like Spotify and SoundCloud.

Are you surprised? It is really the easiest and effective way to get success at a lower cost or even for free.

Do you want to start your star way with the Spotify application’s assistance? All you need to do is to upload your songs there. Let’s figure out how to put music on the Spotify app together.

If you wish to add your original music to Spotify, you need to register an artist profile. After that, you have to select a music distributor which could help you to put your music on the platform. The most famous distributors are TuneCore, CD Baby, AWAL, DistroKid, LANDR, RouteNote, and others. You can find all information about them on the Internet and choose the most suitable variant for you.

By selecting the best one, you have to pass through the next steps:

  • upload your songs to the distributor;
  • put such metadata as artist name, song title, album title, and other necessary information;
  • provide album cover images that will make your content to be recognizable.

Try to meet all the requirements as soon as possible, and a distributor will approve your content and your songs will be put on Spotify within 3-5 days.

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If you also want to post your songs on other streaming platforms like Apple Music or YouTube, you can go the same way. However, we know a service which can help you to transfer your tunes from one place to another. It’s MusConv. Don’t spend money on distributors anymore. Choose MusConv and let people enjoy your music.