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How to put songs on the Spotify app

Most music fans are currently using Spotify’s streaming service. This platform is non-expensive, convenient, and the quality of its music selection is really great. However, sometimes it happens that tracks may not be available on the platform.

How to put songs on the Spotify app

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Do you want to add your personal music to this service to enjoy your favorite songs without limits? Can you do that? Almost every user could have a question about how to put songs on the Spotify app?

The Spotify application has recently launched Spotify for Artists that allows independent, label-free musicians to upload music to Spotify.

For the moment, Spotify for Artists is still in beta. For now, several hundred independent artists from the United States have been involved in testing direct downloads. The service is expected to go public in the future and allow more artists to add music to the catalog.

Musicians will be able to add tracks and create albums from them. Uploading music to the service will be absolutely free – no hidden fees, additional commissions, or tax charges. Each release can have the necessary metadata about the authorship. According to Spotify representatives, royalties will automatically be transferred to an account linked to a bank or credit card number.

Performers should go through a verification process before uploading. Users who join Spotify for Artists will automatically receive a blue tick on their profile page, confirming that they have passed Spotify verifications. Verification will allow not only uploading music to the catalog, but also it provides:

  • track listening statistics;
  • promotion concerts and releases;
  • communication with fans.

If an artist has previously uploaded music to the Spotify app via an intermediary service (such as DistroKid), verification will be automatic (intermediaries are no longer needed).

Taking the decision about uploading music by users directly to the service library, the Spotify app duplicates the policy of the SoundCloud platform. After all, any user can upload any music content to SoundCloud, and the application is free for listeners. That is why it is important for Spotify to be a worthy competitor in order not to lose its position.

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