How to put your music on Spotify

Today, Spotify has become one of the most popular streaming services in the world. He confidently leads the top three leaders in the global streaming music market, and his audience in 2021 exceeded 350 million listeners, of which almost half are paid subscribers. The platform has a very serious impact on the entire musical world as a whole. For example, the Swedes paid royalties to copyright holders of compositions worth $16 billion, which cannot but attract both experienced and novice performers. Today, Spotify is one of the largest and most significant venues for the distribution of music.

Нow to put your music on Spotify

Today, the service is available in 120 countries, and its music library exceeds 60 million tracks. The service is used in the web, in the desktop, in smartphones, it can be used in the stereo system, Smart TV, on the game console. Up to 70% of Spotify revenues received from premium subscriptions and advertising revenue are paid to the owner of the rights (for sales). Deductions are not calculated from the exact number of streams, but from the relation to the streams of the entire Spotify catalog. Thus, the payment quasi reflects the market share of the label or artist on Spotify.

You can place your own music on the service by taking several simple steps:

• choose the type of release you want to distribute in Spotify: single or album;

• download tracks and covers to prepare songs for sending to Spotify;

• indicate all co-authors so that they too receive part of the fame and income when the posted songs will become more popular.

As soon as the tracks are verified and approved by the service moderator team, the release will be sent for placement in Spotify.

The mail will periodically receive information containing reports on the promotion of the single or album and the financial results of this activity.

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Do not forget about signing a music distribution agreement with a popular streaming service. It guarantees copyright protection and that this music track or album will be included in the category of licensed audio content. Without the corresponding business relationship with the service, it will not be possible to receive income from the placement of your own content.

During the difficult period of the global pandemic, a significant part of music industry figures switched from live concerts, which have long been impossible to hold due to quarantine restrictions, to making money on world music streaming services. Although these earnings can hardly be compared with earnings from live performances before the public, they remain for many musicians today almost the only source of income.

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