How to put your own music on Apple Music and get royalties?

In 2021, the global music industry reoriented itself to streaming music services, as the number of live concerts of musicians critically decreased, and the trade in music on physical media became a thing of the past.

Statistics claims that for one listen to his composition, the artist who posted it on Apple Music receives an average of $0.0073. The amount of payments is by no means static. It largely depends on which country the musical composition was listened to in, how many times it sounded in relation to the total quantity of auditions of all the compositions on the service and many more factors. In particular, it depends on exactly what percentage of the profit by decision of the founders of the service will be paid to musicians in one period or another.

put your own music on Apple Music and get royalties

The wide functionality of Apple Music makes it possible to add musical compositions or entire albums. At the same time, the author can independently create covers for them and choose names.

You can download files in MP3 format and use the skin as an image. The duration of the track can be any. In the settings, you can always change the name of the song and artist. Then click on the record, go to the «Properties» section and specify the correct data. Adding tracks is better done online, this ensures the relevance of the stored data on the service and significantly speeds up work.

So, you need to download a certain music track and add a pre-created image. Then, in the settings, click «Create Song» to save it. The last step is to download the record directly into the application. To do this, go to any playlist, click on its name and select «Download track».

Within 10-15 minutes, the recording will be available for playback, both on the service and in the browser. Therefore, it is necessary to wait a little while the system processes the downloaded audio file.

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The performer must not forget to conclude a contract on music distribution, which guarantees him to receive royalties for music streams and its use in media or when creating films. By this agreement, he actually affirms his copyrights to this musical composition or music album on this streaming music service.

It should also be borne in mind that all downloadable compositions are necessarily moderated before being uploaded to the service. Therefore, it is hardly worth counting on receiving royalties from a song to which this artist does not have copyright, if they already belong to someone else.

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