How To Save Money On Streaming Music?

Music streaming doesn’t have to be expensive. Sometimes the high cost and quality, which some consider almost synonymous, simply in practice are not.

Streaming music can be listened to for little money. Below, we share some tips and tell you which of the most popular music streaming services can save you money.

For example, the world famous company Amazon regularly lures with attractive offers for its own music streaming service Amazon Music. As a new customer, you can always try the service for free or very cheaply for a longer period of time. Students currently receive about six months of free subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited. Amazon Music Unlimited is available completely free for a 3-month trial period.

Let’s take a look at the offers from the most popular streaming services in the world.

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  • The Swedish music streaming service Spotify regularly offers new customers the opportunity to test their range of music comprehensively and free of charge. Instead of the usual 30 days, you can usually try the service for free for three months. There is currently no extended trial period. However, we recommend that you visit the music service’s official website regularly as the service often runs promotions for new premium subscribers. There is another way to get a Spotify subscription for less, even for existing customers. As with iTunes, prepaid cards also exist for Spotify, which retailers regularly offer at lower prices. If you buy a €99 voucher from one of the two retailers, you’ll get 12 months of music streaming. You save about 20 euros compared to an individual purchase. Spotify also offers a completely free plan. This plays ads, and you can only play songs in random order.
  • YouTube Music. Usually, you can only test YouTube Music for free for 30 days. But here, too, it is possible to test the music service for free at irregular intervals for a longer period of time. Just visit the website of this streaming music service regularly.
  • Apple Music. You can currently test Apple’s streaming service for free for three months as part of a free trial period. You can also get an Apple Music subscription cheaper if you buy it with an iTunes card discount. Supermarkets, online stores or pharmacies always offer discounts or bonus credits on prepaid cards. If you pay for your Apple Music subscription with them, you can save a lot.
  • Tidal. You can currently get a Premium and Hi-Fi subscription on Tidal at a promotional price. The provider is currently running a campaign where you can get three months of service for just three euros.
  • Deezer. Currently, new customers can look forward to an extended three-month trial period at Deezer. Here you can test both the Deezer Premium plan and the uncompressed Deezer Hi-Fi plan for free. You can also save money by using prepaid cards to pay for Deezer. Retailers regularly run pricing campaigns where you can buy Deezer credit for 15 percent off.

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