How To Save Money On Video Streaming Services In 2023

Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ are still on the rise. However, subscriptions can become quite expensive in the long run. The following tips will help you avoid spending a fortune to enjoy the show at home.

The choice of streaming providers has never been as huge as it is now. In the long run, however, keeping up to date with the latest services can get quite expensive. The price of many providers at first seems cheap.

However, if you subscribe to several services at the same time, you will quickly get a high double-digit amount per month. But there are different ways to save money and still not be without the hits of the new series.

  • You can create up to six Prime Video profiles per Amazon account (including the account owner) and manage them individually. It doesn’t matter if they are adults or children’s profiles. However, only three different streams can be played at the same time.
  • Netflix offers different subscription levels: with the basic package (with or without ads), the streaming service can only be used on one device. In the standard plan, two people can stream at the same time. The premium membership even allows you to stream to up to four different devices at the same time.
  • Disney+ allows users to set up seven profiles per account and stream to four devices simultaneously at no additional cost.
  • With a Sky Q subscription, video can be streamed simultaneously on up to three out of five registered devices.
  • Apple TV+ offers its customers the ability to use a total of six family accounts, each with its own password.

But pay attention to the contract details in the terms and conditions, because some providers allow, for example, streaming accounts only within the family. 4k Ultra HD streaming is certainly nice and useful for the latest blockbusters, but not on its own if you watch all seasons of The Simpsons.

Since the Netflix premium plan costs more than twice as much as the regular basic plan, every user who doesn’t share their account should think twice about whether the premium subscription is really worth it. In addition, the streaming service offers a discounted basic Netflix subscription with ads. However, anyone who chooses to do so only has access to a limited selection of movies and series.

Amazon now offers a free streaming service funded by ad breaks. The only requirement for the channel is an Amazon account.

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Amazon Prime, Apple TV+ and Disney+ do not require an additional update to stream in 4k Ultra HD.

Have you checked your Netflix watchlist yet and the upcoming releases aren’t piqued your interest? Then just unsubscribe. Most streaming services can be billed monthly. So it makes no sense to keep an unused account. Termination is usually completed within a few minutes. And if you change your mind later, you can renew your subscription just as quickly.

Some streaming services offer discounted memberships for trainees, students, or Severely Disabled Pass or Social Pass holders. It’s worth asking before signing up for a subscription. If you’re not sure which provider is right for you, you can try the Amazon Prime, Netflix and Co. free trial first.

There’s nothing wrong with using Disney+ for free for a month, for example, to watch all the Star Wars movies and then go back to Netflix.

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