How To See What I Listened To In 2021 On Spotify?

Spotify Wrapped is a feature of the Swedish music streaming platform that shows you what we’ve been listening to the most in a given year. Thanks to this, we can listen to a playlist of our favorite songs and see how many times we have listened to certain songs, genres or podcasts. If you’re afraid it will reveal your bad taste in music to others, you have no chance of changing it. But this is private information and only you, as the owner of the account, can see it.

Thanks to Spotify Wrapped, we have the opportunity to recall the most popular songs, podcasts and artists of 2021. And the more music we listened to on Spotify, the more accurately the algorithm will prepare the Wrapped 2021 playlist for us. What is Spotify Wrapped and when can we use it?

We have access to our summary all year round. Just go to the search section and scroll to see everything. From there we can recreate your Wrapped Resume, our best played songs; hits we missed and more.

Spotify Wrapped comes out every December. Spotify didn’t disappoint us this year either. The Spotify 2021 recap is now available until next December.

How do you get the most out of your Wrapped Resume? The main obstacle we face in enjoying listening to our resume (apart from thinking how good it is that no one sees it) is the music we listen to, for example, in our sleep or while studying. These sounds usually make up very long playlists that play in the background for several hours a day. And yet ambient for sleep, despite the longest minutes spent with it, is not the song we most enjoyed listening to last year. To prevent such things from getting into our summary, it is enough to start the incognito mode.

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But how to enable incognito mode in Spotify? Private mode hides our activity from friends, yearly summaries and playlists (songs listened to in this mode do not affect personalized music recommendations such as Discover Weekly or Release Radar). To enable it, just go to the settings and go to the social section. There you should select the private session option. To exit incognito mode, simply repeat these steps and uncheck the last box.

To see your resume, just go to the main page of the application. Wrapped 2021 is now available, so we’ll see a banner there urging us to take the opportunity to dive into the whirlwind of nostalgia. We don’t have to do it right away. This option is available until the end of January next year.

You can also enter your resume from a browser on your computer. Spotify provides the 2021 Wrapped page where we can view a summary of the year. We have access to our summary all year round. Just go to the search section and scroll to see everything. From there, we can recreate your Wrapped Resume, our top songs played, the hits we missed, and more.

With this feature of the world’s most popular music streaming app, you can safely share your achievements and information with your friends on this platform.

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