How To See Your Spotify Pizza?

The music streaming service Spotify has long been the benchmark for music streaming. Today, the green giant from Sweden can be proud of the fact that it already has 456 million active users in all countries of the world. If you count the paid subscribers of the service, then their number is approaching 200 million people.

Users will be able to find in Spotify not only a multi-million dollar music library, but also an analysis of their musical preferences and history. Moreover, it is done in very colorful colors. For example, a special application, not directly related to the Swedish music streaming service, but approved by it, offers its users a pizza-shaped diagram where they can find a lot of interesting things for themselves.

It’s likely that you’ve already seen a pie chart showing the music genres that users listen to the most on Spotify. The image that has gone viral online is not from the official music streaming tool, but from Spotify Pie, a site created by student Darren Huang who discovers in seconds what doesn’t come out of his phone these days.

To create your own Spotify pie chart and see the most popular music genres in the last month, follow these steps. However, please be aware that by logging into Spotify Pie, you will be sharing information from your profile on the platform with the website builder:

  1. Access Spotify Pie and click the “Sign in Spotify” button to log into your platform account;
  2. Allow information sharing. On the next screen, read all the information about the content that will be published on the site. If you agree and decide to continue, click “Accept”;
  3. There, your Spotify pie chart will be generated automatically. Save the image and share it on social networks.

What is displayed on the Spotify Pie Chart? The Spotify Pie pie chart lets you see the proportion of each music style a user has listened to in a stream over the past month. This joke is somewhat reminiscent of Spotify Wrapped, the platform’s 2021 retrospective tool, in which the user had access to various metrics about everything they listened to during the year, such as playing time, most listened to music, musical aura, etc.

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However, on Darren Huang’s website, in addition to the occasional joke, since the data is from the last month, the focus is on musical styles that represent very accurate results and sub-genres such as “gothic symphonic metal”, “new mpb”, “alternative rock”, “finish power metal” and “British soul”.

In addition, right below the image and labels representing each of the colors, the site also lists the most popular artists from the last month, giving a very broad idea of ​​what music and which singers are currently on the user’s phone.

Despite the lack of a share button for social networks, the graph generated in Spotify Pie can be saved and shared later on other platforms.

So, you can analyze what you’ve been listening to on the world’s most popular music streaming platform. It is possible that this information, so to speak, pizza from Spotify, will help you correct your musical tastes and draw some conclusions.

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