How To See Your Spotify Wrapped?

The Swedish music streaming service Spotify is getting more and more popular every year. No wonder he occupies a leading position in the global music industry. As of the end of 2021, the service reported to have nearly 400 million monthly active users and over 155 million premium subscribers.

Spotify has many interesting and user-friendly features. Constantly implemented innovations contribute to the growth of the popularity of the service in the world. Among them is the Spotify Wrapped feature, which allows the user to make certain analytics on the music content they listen to throughout the year.

The function is already available for all users, available in the application for Android or iPhone (iOS). New features are coming this year, such as My 2021: The Soundtrack, a game that uses songs to create scenes from the movie of your life.

The retrospective can only be accessed via the Android or iOS app. This time, it is not possible to see Wrapped by Spotify on a desktop browser.

To make a retrospective of the music you have listened to over the past year, you only need five minutes and a few steps:

  1. Go to the Spotify home screen. Spotify Wrapped will appear on the main screen of the app (house icon). On this screen, a large map will appear below Recent Games. If nothing appears, make sure the app is up to date.
  2. Click on a card to see your Wrapped. Once you enter the 2021 retrospective, a series of stories (somewhat similar to Instagram Stories) will play in sequence. You can pause playback at any time by holding the screen.
  3. Pleasure from Spotify Wrapped – Chat with friends on social networks. Therefore, under each flashback story, you can find a “Share this story” button to share it on social networks or download an image from the gallery. At the end of Wrapped, Spotify also lists all the flashback moments in different presentations that can be shared.

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Wrapped-2021 offers other categories besides the most popular artists, genres, songs and podcasts. This is the case for the 2021: The Movie compilation. According to the company responsible for the platform, this grouping combines the best songs in the profile with classic scenes from the movie about the user. The Musical Aura category is another category.

This feature is accessed through the app’s main screen under Your 2021 Retrospective Has Arrived. The button takes the user to a screen with stories that show data collected by Spotify, such as minutes played, favorite artists, and more.

The function is very effective for those who create podcasts and for musicians. These categories of users have the opportunity to delve into all that their fans have heard this year through their own individual Wrapped experiences. They will be able to understand not only the mainstreams of contemporary music and other content, but also adjust their work to the current requirements of the audience of the Swedish music streaming service.

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