How To See Your Top Spotify Artists

Every user of the mega-popular Swedish music streaming service Spotify is, by definition, a music lover. After all, a true music fan is sure to be familiar with Spotify and tries to get the maximum effect from this platform.

One of the most requested features is to view your favorite and most listened to artists. Who do you like the most, what is his name and what genre of music does he represent? What percentage of the time have you devoted to listening to his songs during the last month? All these questions can be answered on Spotify.

You may have already seen social media posts with the top 20 most followed artists on a friend’s Spotify. The feature is available on the Audio Habits website, one of the first and yet successful projects of renowned American developer Adam Gonen. According to him, explaining how the idea came about, it’s a simple web application that displays your most popular songs and artists on Spotify. The idea came to him when he himself tried to look up his listening history on a Swedish music streaming service. As it turned out, such a function simply did not exist then.

How To See Your Top Spotify Artists

This project was the first real web application he created. Therefore, it is not ideal and you may encounter some problems. But the application works, and it is in demand.

Well, using the app is pretty simple:

1. log in;

2. grant access to your Spotify account;

3. See top artist and song stats for the last four weeks, six months, or what Spotify calls “yearly data.” The application doesn’t calculate this information based on unstructured data, it’s all in the API.

The interface of the application is quite simple to share or print. You can log out of your Spotify account at the top of the screen at any time.

The application allows you to analyze listening statistics for a maximum of a year. It is very convenient that you can consider much smaller periods of time – a month or a week.

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The practical value of this application lies in the ability to carefully analyze your musical taste and, if necessary, adjust it. It is likely that you do not consider your musical preferences ideal and would like to change them a little.

If we talk about artists who professionally earn on music streaming, then such information will help them to more correctly determine the musical taste of their subscribers if they share the information of the application about the music and artists they listened to. Undeniably, technology makes it easier to create and produce music, but how to deal with competition in the online environment? Awareness in this case becomes just a very effective tool in the hands of both a professional and a novice artist who is engaged in placing his music on Spotify.

However, statistics show an increase in the participation of independent artists on streaming platforms – and this is a fact. In 2021, this growth on Spotify was 48%, but in absolute terms, the category earns less than the mainstream (which is a minority in terms of the number of artists).

That is why any information of an analytical or statistical nature is so important for an artist, which allows him to correct his work, taking into account the needs of the target audience that listens to his songs or musical compositions.

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