How To Sell Music On Beatport

Today, Beatport is a service that offers DJs from all over the world the opportunity to upload and sell their own sessions on the renowned portal. What at first glance seems like a fantastic idea, has several considerations that can throw back a little. First, the songs you mix must be pre-purchased from Beatport, so if you purchased the music legally from another portal or ripped it from the original CDs, you won’t be able to use it in the sessions you upload to Beatport mixes.

The other big problem is the small profits you make from selling your sessions, which are split like this: the DJ who plays and uploads the session takes 10% of the final price, the label takes 60% and the producers of the tracks you use earn another 30%. In total, artists earn the least from music streaming.

The idea is very good, but it raises some issues not yet resolved by Beatport that could result in the service not working as intended. Because it would be great for any DJ to upload their sessions to Beatport and earn money from it, in addition to fame, because if one of your sessions is among the most bought on the portal, in addition to money, you will earn a lot of advertising. And probably get more work as a DJ or producer.

Beatport does not allow you to download music that has been purchased from other online music stores or music streaming services. And this significantly limits the contingent of those who want to earn money using this platform.

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On the other hand, the investment that a DJ would have to make, for example to download a 15-song session for an hour, is quite significant, given that Beatport products cost between 1 and 3 euros. This is an inexpensive price compared to similar platforms.

Those 15 tracks you need can cost you at least 15 euros, so you will have to sell the same session many times to make up for its original cost. In other words, if you spend 15 euros on the compulsory purchase of songs for your session and then take 10% of each session sold, which is 40 euro cents, you will need to sell at least 37.5 times more sessions to cover the costs. Moreover, this will only benefit major labels and producers who already sell their music on Beatport and get paid for it.

Even a few years ago, analysts predicted that Beatport and similar services would be able to compete on an equal footing with music streaming services like Spotify or SoundCloud. But time has made its own adjustments. The big DJs were supposed to be more interested in uploading their sessions to Beatport than to the aforementioned portals.

But despite the relatively low pay that music streaming services offer to artists, they have proven to be much more promising than niche services like Beatport. In many ways, this rise in music streaming was facilitated by the pandemic and the associated quarantine restrictions, which excluded live concerts and meetings with the audience. The place of live music was taken by streaming music.

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