How to send a playlist?

Streaming services have gradually replaced the usual ways for many to listen to music. CD became irrelevant, sales of music centers are falling, and live meetings with performers at concerts have already begun to gradually be forgotten in the conditions of restrictions related to the pandemic.

Each music streaming service involves a playlist user. This may be his own selection of beloved musical compositions or a playlist formed automatically by the system.

With your smartphone, tablet, or computer, you can send your friends and friends playlists created by you and others. This is a very convenient feature. Previously, you could let you listen or just give a friend a CD recording an album of your favorite artist, and now you can, without even getting up from behind the computer, share a playlist that can contain just a huge amount of music and songs.

Нow to send a playlist

When you collect a playlist, you automatically create a link that you can send to others. You can also use it on social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter. You can send the list by email, SMS or via any social service available from your device.

Playlists can also be exchanged during playback, listening to an audio file, or at the beginning of playback. If there are no tracks in the playlist specified on the site, this may mean that their download was blocked by the person who sent them. Private audio files also do not appear in the playlist if the sender has not granted you access.

Some streaming music services encrypt their audio files, ensuring that they similarly comply with international copyright law.

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Each streaming service has its own algorithm of actions if the user wants to share his playlists with friends or someone else, so it is impossible to describe a single instruction for everyone.

After all, if you are a paid subscriber of the streaming music service, in most cases you will have the opportunity to simply download your favorite playlists to your computer or mobile device. And then you can just send them to a friend via any communication channel or share them on a social network.

As we see, there are many ways to send your playlist to someone. The choice remains with you.

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