How to send Spotify playlist?

Spotify is a Swedish streaming music service that confidently ranks first in the world in terms of popularity, number of users and number of paid subscribers. It is used by many music lovers. The service allows you to independently create playlists from your favorite songs or use already ready-made playlists, which were created by the system itself on the basis of previous search queries of the user and the music and songs he listened to.

Playlists on this platform can also be shared with friends or posted from on social networks. But to do this, you need to sign up for a paid subscription, and those who use the free version of this music application, such a feature is not available.

To send Spotify playlists to ShareMyPlaylists (SMP) for others to listen to, you must first log in to SMP. This is a special tool developed by the service, with the help of which you can share playlists and send them to anyone. In addition, service developers created this tool not only for the convenience of users, but also for the popularization of the platform itself.

Нow to send Spotify playlist

Copy the playlist link by right-clicking the playlist name you want to submit. In the sidebar on the left side of the Spotify window, select «Copy Spotify URI» from the pop-up menu.

В ShareMyPlaylists сlick «Submit Playlist». Next, go to the «Send SMP Playlist» page.

Under «Playlist Image», select «Download» to submit your illustration, or click «Create Illustration» to create a skin based on the track in the playlist.

The cover option uses a picture of a standard album of the service. But creating your own logo or inserting a photo will make it more visible. If you want to do this yourself, click «Download», navigate to the file location in the browse for files dialog box that appears, and click «OK». The image must be 150 x 150 pixels in size.

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Paste the link you copied in step number 1 into the «Spotify URL» text box (Ctrl + V on PC, Command + V on Mac).

Give your playlist a name in the name text box of your playlist.

Add a description of the playlist (for example, what it means) to the «Enter Playlist Description» text box.

SMP will automatically generate an artist name for you, so you don’t need to mention it in the description.

Select a genre from the list in the third column. Only one genre can be selected. Click «Submit Playlist».

That’s it, the task’s done. You are signed in to SMP and have an account on the site, so your account is not in vain. Others can see your public playlist and enjoy its songs and music.

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