How To Share A Deezer Family

Deezer Family Sharing allows up to six family members, an administrator and five other members to access playlists and organize their favorite tracks for listening online or offline. Flow is another feature: a personalized playlist that mixes the user’s favorite songs with recommendations based on their taste in music.

Apart from the lack of ads interrupting the sound, each member can have their own profile. In this case, the login details are the same for all participants. That is, administrator credentials are used to access the account, and then each member can open their own profile.

Another option is to set up independent accounts, each with its own password. You can connect profiles on up to 13 devices – be it smartphones, computers, video games, speakers, etc. The administrator has the advantage and can connect up to three devices.

Each additional participant can do the same, but on no more than two devices. This setting allows the app to open your profile directly without having to sign in and switch users again.

To include all family members, the application allows you to create a child profile – recommended for children under 12 years old. For group trips, a selection of the “Most Expensive” of all members can be played using the “Family Mix” feature.

How to add a member to a family subscription:

• Open the Deezer app on your computer;

• Click on the avatar in

• upper right corner of the screen;

• Click “Family Members”;

• Click “Add Member”;

• Click “Send invitation” or “Add profile”;

• Fill in the required information;

• Click Create.

When an invitation is sent, the invited participant will have their own account and login credentials. If a profile is created, that member will use the same login information as the administrator.

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Basic plans: Deezer Free, Deezer Premium and Deezer Family. But it’s also possible to sign up for a student plan – that comes with some requirements – and Deezer HiFi. , offering music files in FLAC format (16 bit, 1411 Kbps). That is, tracks with “studio quality”, without loss.

Depending on your current account type, to change your Deezer plan, simply upgrade your subscription in the app’s settings section. In some cases, such as when upgrading from Deezer Premium to Deezer Student, you need to cancel your current plan and subscribe to a student plan.

How to change your Deezer plan:

• Sign in to your Deezer account;

• Touch the gear icon in the upper right corner;

• Click on “Account Management”;

• Select “Manage my subscription”

• Depending on your current plan, click Subscribe or Switch to Deezer Family.

If your current plan is Deezer Family, changes must be made through the account administrator profile. In some cases, you will need to cancel your current subscription in order to purchase another and change your Deezer plan. Note the billing date so you can cancel it in due course.

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