How To Share An Apple Music Playlist With Another User?

Sometimes your selection of songs is so good that the question arises: how to share an Apple Music playlist with another person? Or your tastes are so similar that you are sure that he will like the choice of tracks! In any case, know that you can easily send your tracklist to a friend.

How do I share a collection? How to share a playlist on Apple Music in 2022 and show everyone your cool music taste? Nothing complicated, because the application has a special function. There is only one algorithm, do not get confused – the interface is simple and intuitive.

  1. Open the application and find the “Library” tab on the bottom bar;
  2. In the list that appears, find the “Tracklists” tab;
  3. Select the selection that we want to send to another user;
  4. At the top right we find the icon in the form of three dots, click;
  5. In the menu that appears, we see how to share a playlist in Apple Music – just click on the appropriate button.

Now you can choose how you will transfer the collection. A small window will open showing all available options.

In addition, applications that you frequently use will appear in the list of shortcut icons. Usually these are instant messengers and social networks – you can immediately click on the desired icon. Here’s how to share a playlist in Apple Music: just find the person you want to send the collection to in the list of conversations and instantly share the link with access.

If you do not like the selection of frequently opened applications (it is created by default), swipe them to the left and click “More”. Now you can add programs to the quick access window yourself. Next time it will be much easier to find the right messenger or social network.

If you’re wondering why you can’t share a playlist on Apple Music, remember that the option is only available within this music service. In other words, you can only send a selection to someone who also has an Apple Music subscription. If your friend does not have an active subscription to the application, it’s a pity, but he will not be able to see the tracklist (and turn it on).

Is it possible to share a playlist in Apple Music – definitely yes. Is it possible to share and allow a friend to edit, add and delete new tracks? Unfortunately, no, this option is not yet available.

What can another user do?

  • Listen to added songs;
  • See updates (removed or added new songs, changed cover and other changes).

If you can’t cope with the mobile version, open the web version of the player, there is also the necessary function.

  1. Open the tracklist you want to send to a friend;
  2. Find the “More” button with three dots;
  3. Select the “Submit” menu and find your option.

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You can send the link to Twitter and Facebook directly. It is also possible to copy the HTML code to paste or get a simple link with access rights. Send this link (it will be in the clipboard) to your friends via any convenient messenger.

You can do the same with a single song, album, or artist. If you have already figured out how to share a playlist in Apple Music – do not hesitate and act. Surely, you have a couple of friends with whom you can’t wait to share cool selections, cool tracks and your mood.

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