Нow to share Аpple Мusic playlist

Apple Music is the second most popular music streaming service. Today, he owns about 19% of the global streaming music market.

You can only access this music streaming service with a paid subscription. The cost of a monthly subscriber will be about $10. The first three months you can use the service for free as part of the trial. Despite the lack of a free version, Apple Music is quite «working out» the funds spent on signing up, giving subscribers not only access to a huge media stack with high quality of sound of listened compositions, but also to a large number of additional features, among which there is also the opportunity to share  playlists.

Нow to share Аpple Мusic playlist

If a user has a subscription to Apple Music, they can create a profile so that their friends can see what they are listening to. He can see what his friends are listening to, too.

To create a profile, you must:

• open the Apple Music application;

• press «Listen»;

• on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, click the profile photo icon, and on the Android device, click the «More» button and then click «Account»;

• click «Friends Are Listening Now».

You must follow the on-screen instructions to create a username, find and subscribe to friends, share playlists, and so on.

At the end, you will need to confirm all actions using the Finish key.

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After the playlist is in the recipient’s music library, the latter will gain permanent access to it. Also, the playlist will be updated whenever its creator decides to add, change or delete something (songs, cover, title, etc.). If the playlist is downloaded to listen offline, new songs will be downloaded on demand whenever possible.

Unfortunately, so far Apple Music has not yet learned how to make the Spotify crown «chip» – to provide the opportunity to edit the playlist to both its creator and its recipient. In the future, such an opportunity will probably appear.

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