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How to share Apple playlist?

With Apple Music, you can share not only official playlists, but also your own playlists with different people through messages and social networks.

You can add your favorite songs to the original playlist in any order, so this feature is very convenient for those who often listen to music.

Create a playlist from the songs you want to add. When you create from songs you want to add to your playlist, start Apple Music first.

applemusic share

You can add your favorite pictures and titles to your Apple Music playlists so you can make basic settings first and then add songs.

Apple Music playlists can be shared with others or vice versa. The first profile setting is to ensure that the real name registered with your Apple ID is displayed when shared.

If you are not sure that you have created the profile correctly, in the «For you» section, tap the person’s silhouette icon.

If your name, icon, or username does not appear correctly here as a profile, select «Edit» and edit.

If you want to share your playlist with people other than those you subscribe to as friends, turn on «Show» on my profile page and «Search» on the edit page.

If your settings have already been completed, go to «Select the playlist you want to share».

If your profile is not displayed and you see «Check your friends’ music», go to your profile settings.

Select «Check out the music your friends are listening to». Click «Start Now». Enter a user name and username (no matter if it’s not your personal name).

If you want to add it, click «Find Contact» and select the person you want to invite from the user list. If you do not want to select, click «Next» at the bottom of the screen. Select the person you want to subscribe to from your friends list and tap their name. If you do not want to select, click «Next» at the bottom of the screen.

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On the next screen, select the playlist you want to publish and click «Next». You can also set «Public/Private» for each playlist by selecting «Show in my profile and search» in the playlist details pane that you want to share. Apple Music automatically shares songs that users listen to, this information is in the section «For you».

If you already shared it and want it not to appear in your search, select «Delete Profile» from the profile edit screen.

The playlist will be hidden from everyone except you and will not be available to your friends. Periodically, people change musical tastes and priorities. Therefore, such a situation is quite possible.

Your library and playlists will remain available to you.

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