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How To Share Liked Songs On Spotify

In the vast ocean of music streaming services, Spotify stands tall as a favorite among music enthusiasts, offering an extensive collection of songs, podcasts, and audiobooks. However, for those seeking to share their musical gems – their cherished “liked songs” – a direct route isn’t readily apparent.

Spotify’s quirk lies in organizing liked songs within a folder rather than a playlist, creating a puzzle for users wanting to share their musical discoveries. But fear not, for there’s a straightforward workaround that brings harmony to this discord.

To embark on this musical sharing journey, users should consider employing the desktop or web player for an optimal experience. While Spotify doesn’t offer a built-in feature for direct sharing of liked songs, a playlist proves to be the key.

Creating a playlist on Spotify is akin to crafting a mixtape for the digital age. To share your liked songs, simply follow these steps:

  1. Access the Desktop or Web Player: Open Spotify on your computer or visit the web player. This provides a more robust set of tools for playlist management.
  2. Locate Your Liked Songs: In the desktop or web player, navigate to the “Your Library” section. Here, you’ll find the cherished collection of liked songs neatly tucked away.
  3. Create a New Playlist: Once you’ve uncovered your liked songs, it’s time to weave them into a playlist. Create a new playlist and give it a name that resonates with your musical taste.
  4. Add Liked Songs to the Playlist: Select the songs you want to share, right-click, and choose the “Add to Playlist” option. Drop them into the newly minted playlist.
  5. Share Your Musical Creation: Now that your playlist is a symphony of your liked songs, it’s time to share the joy. Right-click on the playlist, select the “Share” option, and choose your preferred sharing method.

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With these steps, you’ve transformed the organizational hurdle into a seamless sharing experience. However, there’s a caveat – manual updates. Whenever you want to add or remove liked songs, remember to update the playlist accordingly.

By overcoming this minor inconvenience, you’ve not only shared your musical tastes but also created a shared space for musical exploration with friends and family. It’s a playlist filled with memories, emotions, and a reflection of your unique musical journey.

In conclusion, the road to sharing liked songs on Spotify might have a small detour, but the destination is well worth the effort. So, press play, share your playlist, and let the rhythm connect you with your loved ones.

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