How to share my Apple Music playlist?

The tape player was revolutionary when it came out. The mp3 player enabled people to listen to their favorite songs without having to lug around a CD or cassette tape. It revolutionized the way we listened to music, and many argue that it created the era of digital downloads. Now, with Apple Music, the next gen in the evolution of your audio experience, you can share your playlists with friends and family for free! 

Apple Music is a music streaming service that lets you listen to unlimited songs on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC. You can also download them to your device for offline listening.

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You can share the playlist by clicking on “Share” in the upper right corner of the screen, then click on “Send Playlist.” After that, choose who you want to send it to and you’re all done. Just remember that they will need an account in order to listen too. 

  1. Open the playlist 
  2. Tap the three dots on the right 
  3. Choose Share Playlist.

From then you can copy and paste the link anywhere you like, including sendage through Twitter and Google. 

Another terrific way of sharing your playlists across more or less any platform is Musconv, a service that allows you to get your tracks from one awesome music streaming service like Spotify or Tidal or Amazon Music to dozens of others for less than $2 a year. 

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