How to sign in to your Spotify account?

To sign in to your Spotify account, you must enter the username and password you entered when you signed up for a new user. The login procedure is standard, but what to do if there are difficulties?

If the user cannot sign in – has not saved the login or password and cannot remember it, then you need to click on the link to reset the password. In this case, an email with a password generated by the system is immediately sent to the e-mail. After a few simple actions, based on hints, you can resume access to your account.

How to sign in to your Spotify account

If the user does not remember with what method he registered the account (email address, Facebook account, phone number, using an Apple account), then he should try all the listed options. This is the most common problem when signing in to a Spotify account, but there may be many more technical inconsistencies, sometimes completely unexpected. In this case, you can get qualified help by contacting the official website of the Swedish streaming service. In the «Help with your account» section, there are answers to many technical questions, in particular, when you have a problem logging into your account through Apple and Google, when you link your Spotify account to your Samsung account, when you hack your account and when you disable it. It should be noted that the Swedish developers of the streaming music service with true Scandinavian pedantry took care of the maximum information technical support for their subscribers.

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If the user is abroad, then he will have the opportunity to use the service for free for 14 days from the moment he crosses the border of his native country (account registration country). When this period expires, you should change your account settings or sign up for a premium subscription.

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