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How To Subscribe To Hulu Abroad?

The streaming video service Hulu has a very large video library. It is dominated by American films and television series, while the choice of genres and directions is simply huge. This platform is today one of the leading in the world’s most promising market in the United States of America.

The US streaming service has long been an integral part of the United States, and in this country, various services have received the rights to their own production of Hulu.

With the Fox acquisition, most of Hulu is now owned by Disney, so the service is linked to Disney+ and ESPN+ in the US. Initial plans to bring Hulu to many European countries were again scrapped. Instead, Disney+ will expand with Star in the United States. Thus, in the US, Hulu’s offer is much wider than in the case of Disney+ Star.

To be able to use Hulu in a country where the video service is not yet available, you need a working VPN service. This allows Hulu to be fooled into thinking you are in the United States. This is a requirement to stream from Hulu because the streaming service doesn’t give you access without a VPN.

But if there are no problems with changing the virtual location for most users, then what about paying for video services? Now things are getting more complicated. While you can access the Hulu website through a VPN, a subscription is now required. While some Hulu subscription models can be tested for free for 30 days, Hulu requires you to provide a payment method.

However, here Hulu only allows the use of a US credit card or a US PayPal account. As a rule, foreign users do not have them at hand, but this can be changed. On the one hand, you can get a US virtual credit card online, but this often comes with additional monthly costs.

Alternatively, you create a US PayPal account. However, for a new account, you will need a US mobile phone number and a US address. If you have friends or relatives in the US, you can just provide their address (if they’ve set up your entire Hulu account for you, that’s even easier, of course). On the other hand, PayPal is fine with any other US address, though don’t make any false claims here.

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You can easily find a US mobile phone number online. There are free services or trial providers that give you a number that you can use to receive text messages. This is also important because while PayPal only needs a US address for its internal database, the mobile phone number is used to verify your identity. So you can’t enter any number here.

Once you’ve verified your identity with a number, entered a US address, and provided a credit card, you can use your US PayPal account to pay through Hulu.

You can easily watch Hulu through your browser. There is also an app for Android devices, iPhones, Smart TVs, and Fire Sticks. If you do not have access to US apps, for example through a US AppStore account, you can download the corresponding version of the app online as APK format.

Caution is advised here as the APK could theoretically contain malware. However, in most cases, the file can be easily installed on the desired device thanks to sideloading. But everywhere is the same: the VPN service must be running all the time.

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