How To Subscribe To YouTube TV Channels On Mobile

YouTube is one of the most popular streaming services nowadays. There are many creators producing all kinds of content. There you can find many interesting videos. In addition, you can also listen to music, watch movies, watch broadcasts. That is why the platform has been so successful that each user can find what interests him on it.

YouTube has become much more than just a source of entertainment. You can find news, video tutorials, tutorials, movies, music releases, game content, just a little bit of everything.

And many of the creators make author’s and original content on the platform. There are many reasons why people use YouTube, after all, there are a lot of talented content creators working on some really cool videos.

Sometimes YouTube’s search algorithm makes excellent content recommendations. It’s just a platform system that brings video creators to new people. It’s all based on the interests and channels that person has subscribed to. This is one of the ways YouTube has found to lead people to content they’ll love.

So it’s only natural for YouTube channel creators to ask their audience to subscribe. In addition to being a way to support this creator’s content, you can also use a subscription to stay up to date with this channel’s news. In this way, you can create a completely personalized YouTube experience by being notified of new videos from your favorite channelsYou can do this in the YouTube app for Android and iOS (iPhone) smartphones.

  1. When you watch a video you like, you can click the “Subscribe” button;
  2. After that, you can click the “activate notifications” icon for this channel;
  3. You can choose to receive all notifications such as live streams, stories, community discussions, or just new videos posted. You can customize however you want;
  4. Finally, when you access a channel, you can also click Subscribe to start following that content.

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You can share videos on YouTube starting from a specific segment. This feature is handy for sharing that funny moment, or maybe that song that plays right in the middle of the video. It is very easy to use this feature, you can use it on YouTube in desktop or mobile version. On YouTube for PC, it’s like this: click “Share,” then just check the “Start with” box and you’re done. Then just copy and paste the link, the person who receives it will start watching the video of that moment.

In the mobile version, things are a little different. It’s just that there is no “Start with” button, so you just need to type a small command at the end of the link. When you paste a link in some social network like WhatsApp. You just need to write “&T=1m50s” at the end of the link. Those last two numbers are the minutes and seconds of the video you want to share. If there is a clock in the video, you can put “1h1m50s” for example. That the team will share a video of this very moment.

If you end up finding a really cool video, but you’re busy doing other things at the moment, you don’t want to lose it. YouTube has a feature that will help you save the videos you find. It is known as Watch Later and works like a playlist. You can use it on all versions of YouTube.

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