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How to sync library Apple Music?

Apple Music is a great streaming service, but it doesn’t easily sync with your iTunes library. If you want to keep all of your music on the cloud and access it from any device, you’ll need another program like Google Play Music or Spotify.

Apple Music is a music streaming service with a lot of potential. With so many options for ways to enjoy your favorite tunes, Apple Music is an app that deserves consideration. Unfortunately, one major drawback may be the inability to sync libraries from iTunes on Mac or PC onto Apple Music on iOS devices. This can cause problems if you want to use your existing library and just switch services instead of creating an entirely new one from scratch. 

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Apple Music has been a popular streaming service for music lovers. But if you’re one of the many who wants to have your library on Apple Music, it’s not possible without a workaround. This article will help guide you through how to sync your library with Apple Music so that you can enjoy all of your favorite songs in one place.

Remember that you need a subscription to  Apple Music or iTunes Match. Ouch!

Here’s how: 

  • Open iTunes 
  • Find the menu 
  • Go to Edit 
  • Go to Preferences 
  • Go to General 
  • Choose iCloud Music Library to switch it on 
  • Click OK. 

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