How to transfer a playlist from Apple Music to Spotify?

Apple Music and Spotify are the world’s two largest music streaming services. Both provide users with songs, soundtracks, podcasts and videos, but with different functionality and ease of use. Spotify today owns about 32% of the global streaming music market, and Apple Music owns about 19% of the market.

Some users switch music streaming services due to a variety of factors, such as having certain features, such as lyrics or sleep timers, or when a favorite artist’s song is removed from the service. If you plan to switch from Spotify to Apple Music, there is an easy way to migrate your library.

You can use the specialized MusConv service to transfer. With its help, you can quickly and seamlessly transfer your personal media library from Apple Music to Spotify.

You need to take only three steps to transfer media from Apple Music to Spotify using MusConv. Firstly, you need to choose «Apple Music» as the source application. Second, on the «Playlists» tab, select the playlists you want to transfer and click «Transfer». Well, the final action will be the choice of «Spotify» as the target platform to which your music content will be transferred.

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The application can MusConv be mastered even by a user who is not very savvy in computer technology. Its services will be a simple and intuitive interface in which you can’t get lost, as well as a complete set of functions required for music transfer.

It should be understood that the transfer process itself will still take some time, so patience will need to be gained. You can, for example, play a computer game or enjoy a cup of tea or fragrant coffee. And at this time, the system will fulfill all the tasks set for transferring musical compositions from Apple Music to Spotify.

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