How to transfer Apple Music playlist to Spotify on iphone

Shifting from Apple Music to Spotify should not be daunting. However, it becomes when you plan to transfer your music playlists, too, as Apple Music doesn’t allow for direct transfers due to DRM protection. Some people even believe this is impossible, but that’s nothing more than a myth. 

Spotify offers access to the world’s largest library of Music. Either this is the reason for your shift, or you have another personal reason; the good news is that you can transfer your Apple Music Playlist to Spotify on I-phone. Here is how you can do this.

How to transfer Apple Music playlist to Spotify on iphone

As direct transfers are not allowed, the services of third-party apps can be acquired. And among various third-party tools available, MusConv is the most reliable name. It allows you to transfer your playlists from Apple Music to Spotify on Iphone in a few simple steps. Here is how the process works. 

  • Download and install the MusConv App from the Apple Store. Now click on the profile tab and register by Synchronizing with your Apple account, or you can create your new account. Additionally, you can opt for your desired subscription plan or could continue with a free trial period.
  • Once done with registration, click on the transfer tab, and you will find the below-given interface. Tap on create transfer to proceed further.
Transferring spotify playlist to apple music on I phone
  • Now click on the Apple Music icon and select it as a resource folder and Spotify as a destination folder. You will be asked to provide credentials for your accounts, put the credentials, select the playlist, and now just with one click, start the process.

Why MusConv is better than other third-party tools

Security and pricing are two main features differentiating MusConv and other third-party tools. 

While transferring, all the third-party tools acquire access to your personal account details. However, the information required is limited, and you can revoke the process at any time, but still, the security breach threats are persistent.

In MusConv, it ensures that all your personal information is totally safe. Additionally, its pricing feature is also unmatchable. It provides 4 different subscription plans with multiple discounts, like currently a 20% flat discount on all subscriptions and 40% on lifetime subscriptions.

The Bottom Line

Music is food for the soul, and the importance of carefully curated playlists is non-negotiable; thus, no one wants to lose them. MusConv can effectively help you to transfer your Apple Music to Spotify via its amazing pricing, a smooth process, and, most important, peace of mind by knowing that your information is all secured.