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How Do I Transfer My Apple Music Playlists to SoundCloud?


Have you ever been lost in the maze of managing your music across different platforms? It’s time to end the confusion! MusConv, a powerful tool, simplifies the process and allows you to seamlessly transfer your playlists and albums, follow artists, and like tracks across various services. As an illustration, let’s explore how you can transfer the Apple Music playlists to SoundCloud.

MusConv: A Game-Changer in Music Management

MusConv is a sophisticated music utility tool that has made waves in music streaming. With this tool, you can move your favorite playlists, albums, followed artists, and liked tracks between more than 125+ music services. You’re no longer limited to a single platform; explore the vast musical world with MusConv.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

To the delight of music lovers, MusConv is available on various platforms – Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and more. The flexibility and versatility of the MusConv tool mean you’re not bound by your device type when managing your music. It’s all about providing you with the ultimate ease and convenience.

Music Services Supported

MusConv supports the seamless transfer of playlists, albums, followed artists, and liked tracks between all streaming platforms. From Apple Music and Spotify to Amazon Music and SoundCloud, MusConv bridges the gap. Plus, it allows for playlist management – you can delete, merge, split, and duplicate playlists to your heart’s content.

How to Transfer An Apple Music list of tracks to SoundCloud with MusConv 

The question arises: How exactly do you use MusConv to transfer an Apple Music track list to SoundCloud? Here’s a step-by-step guide that makes the process a breeze.

  1. Download MusConv on your device.
  2. Launch the application and log in with your credentials.
  3. Select Apple Music as your source service.
  4. Choose the list of songs you want to transfer.
  5. Select SoundCloud as your destination service.
  6. Hit the ‘Transfer’ button and watch as your playlists reach SoundCloud!

You can rapidly transfer Apple Music playlists to SoundCloud with these simple steps.

Additional Features of MusConv

MusConv is not just about transferring music. It comes packed with a range of additional features.

Daily Updated Music Charts

MusConv gives you daily access to updated music charts across various platforms like Apple, MTV,TikTok, Spotify, and others. Stay updated with the latest hits and trends in the music world.

Transfer from Various Formats

You can also transfer music from M3U,  Web URLs, XML, CSV, WPL, and XSPF. This versatility makes it easier to manage and move your music data.


In the dynamic world of music streaming, the ability to easily manage and transfer your music is paramount. MusConv is a reliable tool to transfer Apple Music playlists to SoundCloud, among other things. Featuring a wide range of features and being easy to use, it is a must-have for music lovers.

In the journey of music exploration, your playlists are your treasured companions. With MusConv, ensure they accompany you, no matter which platform you decide to journey on next!

Take control of your playlists now! Discover the ease of transferring the Apple Music playlists to SoundCloud with MusConv. Don’t wait; start now!

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